With Critical Mix I want to blog about my thoughts on science and skepticism with occasional blogs about recent happenings in my life as an astronomy Ph.D student.  For me, science is a process that we use to discover things about the universe.  Skepticism is using the same process but applying it the day to day things that we run across.  In an age where society is built on science, yet we are inundated with ads promising miraculous results or TV representing paranormal activities as science we must be able to separate real from fake; plausible from not.  This is the “mix”.  To look at how the process applies in both cases while throwing in the occasional “something really cool happened today” stories.

The “critical” talks about the critical thinking required for this process and how to do it without causing yourself massive headaches.  It also refers to the fun yet demanding experience that I’m hoping grad school will be!

Blogs are broken down into general thoughts and feelings on science, news (both science and skeptical related), skeptical tools or areas, and just my random thoughts and experiences.  I hope everyone will find a favorite section that they can relate to best while keeping an open mind about others.

Finally this is not written to be for scientists only.  I want this to be accessible to anyone that wants to read it.  My hope is that like-minded people will enjoy a good exchange of ideas, but someone just learning about science and skepticism can find an easy atmosphere to discuss and learn something helpful.

Comments, suggestions, criticisms, etc are more than welcome!

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