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The Astrology Brouhaha

EDIT:  Something I should make clear, and meant to, was that this whole ordeal was caused not by anything new but rather by a media taking a well known and established scientific fact and reporting as if it is news.  There was little to no fact checking in the reporting and little effort to distinguish astronomy (which cares not a whit about your horoscope) and astrology (which insist the planets control all).  This is yet another example of horrible reporting and zero rigor in mainstream media.

I’m sure that by now most of you have heard about the “your zodiac sign has changed” fiasco running rampant right now.  This mess seems to have been started by an article written by the Star Tribune.  Let us first understand something that people get wrong far too often.  Astronomy and Astrology are two VERY different things.  Astronomy is the science that deals with studying the Universe and the objects within it.  Astrology is a belief system that is based on the notion that the position of celestial bodies can affect events on Earth and even the personality of every person.  Also the fastest way to get on an astronomer’s bad side is to confuse the two.

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