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Update from Chile

Sunset over Las Campanas Observatory

Just wanted to give a quick update on why I started this blog and then seemed to never do anything with it!  I have not lost interest in it or in the goals that I hope to achieve.  The simple answer is I started it at a poor time.  I got the idea to start a blog and jumped in without thinking about what was coming up in my life.

From the title of this post you may have guessed that I am currently in Chile.  Your powers of observation are correct!  While this trip is amazing, preparing for it left me with very little time to myself.  Let me assure you, more Critical Mix will be coming!

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The Nature of Science

First off I want to say that I am in no way trying to give an official definition here.  I am merely stating what science is to me; ask someone different and prepare for a different answer.  Secondly I want to state what science is NOT.  Science is not a collection of facts or a body of knowledge.  Facts and knowledge are the ideal outcomes of science.  They are what science strives to produce.  Science is also not a lone practice carried out by some guy with crazy hair sitting at home scribbling on paper.  Science is a dynamic and human interaction driven process.  And there is the word!  The word that it all boils down to.  Science is a process.  Science is a way of thinking about and exploring the world.

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